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Randy Santos is a highly skilled commercial photographer based in Washington, DC. For the past 24 years he has been providing a variety of local, national and international clients with creative photography of consistent, superior quality.

Mr. Santos started his photography career in 1980 by working for a large, well respected commercial photography studio in Washington, DC, Ankers Capitol Photography. During his seven years with Ankers, Mr. Santos was one of only four photographers who handled all photography needs for the busy studio.

This work included both location and studio photography. Mr. Santos worked frequently at the White House, Capitol Hill and throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area for major corporations, advertising agencies, and national trade associations. During this time, not only did Mr. Santos refine his exceptional photography skills, he also gained the acumen necessary to create and run a successful business. This combination of artistic skill and practical experience, along with the substantial business contacts Mr. Santos made during this time, proved invaluable in the coming years.

In 1987, Mr. Santos founded his own commercial studio, Randolph Photography.

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Randolph Photography includes a national and international clientele which has enabled Mr. Santos to travel extensively throughout the world in order to meet the photographic needs for his clients.

Randolph Photography's business has grown due to the outstanding quality of its work and its professional service to its clients.

Mr. Santos expanded his business into the area of digital photography and enhancement. Since then, Mr. Santos has developed a unique style through the use of digital imaging tools and a creative vision. Designers, art directors, and marketing professionals have come to rely on his expertise and versatility to create exciting and distinctive images for their projects.



Thanks for stopping by my little webpage. My name is Randy Santos. I am a commercial photographer in washington dc. I also do a lot of corporate photography which includes corporate headshots and corporate pictures. Corporate photography is another word that could be used for this type of commercial photography that I do in the washington dc area, which also includes photography in maryland and virginia or what is also known a the DC metro area where I am a corporate photographer. The name of my business is Randolph photography and I'm in silver spring maryland or silver spring md in montgomery county maryland. Another way to put it is Washington D.C. photographer or photographers.

I do other types of photography too. You could consider what I do editorial photography because I do work for magazines and that could be described as magazine photography also. So you might say I am an editorial photographer in washington dc. I've done many magazine covers for various publications. Advertising photography in washington dc is another category I might fall into. I do as much of this type of work as I can get because it pays really well. So again you might say I could be considered an advertising photographer in washington dc because I am providing advertising photography for ad agencies and graphic design firms in the DC area but also nationally. I'd like to have a lot more of this type of work. That's why I have created this web page and am typing all of this. Fashion photography is another but not so much fashion photography in washington dc. You could also say apparel photography for catalogs or brochures.

There are many other categories for my work , I'll name just a few. How about architectural

Photographer in washington dc. Music photography, cd photography, corporate photography, art photography, landscape photography, fashion photography, exhibit photography, digital manipulation and digital enhancement or digital retouching.

How about editorial, advertising, annual report photographer in washington dc, and corporate photography because I am a dc photographer who is a washington dc editorial photographer, washington dc corporate photographer, washington dc commercial photographer, washington dc advertising photographer who does corporate photography washington dc, editorial photography washington dc, advertising photography washington dc and annual report photography washington dc. I hope I provide creative photography and photos and pictures and images for use in advertising, corporate communications, annual reports.

I work with a lot of corporate communications department of corporations, Some of my clients include AOL, AAA, Choice hotels International, National association of realtors, northrop-grumman, daimler-chrysler, ford, general motors, national court reporters association, warner brothers, severn records, arthur andersen, johnson design group, these are clients in the dc area that includes maryland and virginia as well as across the country. I'm doing corporate headshots, or head shots and portraits quite a bit. I mainly do these on location and provide high resolution digital images or photos and write them to disk or cd, I can e-mail any image files after retouching to any publication or graphic design firm.

I used to do a lot of travel photography. So again I could be called a travel photographer in washington dc. Even though I have traveled all over the world doing travel photography and being a travel photographer based in the mid-atlantic united states. I've been to many cities doing travel photography, I'll name a few starting with some overseas. How about Paris my favorite, Amsterdam in holland, Copenhagen in denmark, Berlin in germany, london in England, spain, portugal, monaco, vienna in austria, athens in greece, all over bavaria and austria, santiago in chile, mexico, canada, that's all I can think of at the moment. Major us cities I have traveled to doing travel photography but also providing corporate meeting photography for corporate magazines and publications for corporate communications departments and for brochure photography use include, baltimore, boston, new york, philadelphia, orlando, atlanta, charleston, austin, dallas, san antonio, chicago, san francisco, los angeles, san diego, seattle, st louis, ocean city maryland, assateague island virginia, assateague island maryland, chincoteague isalnd virginia, the eastern shore, silver spring maryland. western maryland and the eastern shore. that's all I can think of right now.

Did I mention that I am a commercial photographer in washington dc? I do a lot of corporate head shots or just plain headshots. You could also call them corporate portraits maybe but that's a stretch. I notice a lot of people search for corporate pictures. I also see a lot of searches for photography washington dc, pictures washington dc, digital pictures washington dc and so on. I do a lot of digital images now a days. Digital photography. So they would be digital images of washington dc or digital photos washington dc but of other things as well. Like stock photos of washington dc or washington dc stock photography or photos washington dc. Superstock is really my stock agency though for stock photography. I also like panoramic photography and have a widelux that produces great images. Although I'm shooting so little film now that I don't use it much. I have many digital photos of DC for sale or license. These are stock images of washington dc. Professional Stock photography and digital images of Washington D.C. landmarks. High resolution digital images of Washington DC monuments.

Architectural details include color and black and white photography, interiors and exteriors, of the White House, US Capitol Building, Supreme Court,

Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, National Archives, Washington Monument, Smithsonian, and more. Digital stock images for sale and license for

commercial use in corporate brochures, annual reports, advertising, calenders, editorial, travel, fine art, and website use.

Randy Santos is a highly skilled commercial photographer based in Washington D.C. providing commercial photography, corporate photography,

advertising photography, editorial photography, and stock photography to a variety of clients.

Let me tell you about some photography equipment I use. I use canon cameras, leica or leicas, rolleiflex, digital canon cameras, balcar strobes, widelux, canon lenses and leica lenses, holgas or a holga, I like those. I shoot a lot of 35mm film but also a lot of digital. Als 120 or 2 1/4 film or medium format and not so much 4x5 or large format anymore I use film scanners like a nikon scanner and I really like macs or macintosh computers to do digital enhancement on images that are digital or digital images that I use photoshop. Photoshop is god. I like to manipulate images or retouch images so you could say I do digital manipulation or digital imaging or enhancement of digital images. This is very good for art photography or photographic art used on display or photography exhibits that are displayed in art galleries or corporate or trade show exhibits. Corporate stock photography is good too, but I digress. I use photography assistants and stylists or hair and makeup stylists sometime for fashion photography and other shoots

CD photography is another category I fall into, This include music photography or photography for cd or cds or music. I work with severn records a lot but have also worked with a lot of blues musicians like, stevie ray vaughan, jimmie vaughan, albert collins, dr john, steve cropper, ronnie wood, bonnie raitt, willie dixon, tom principato, danny gatton, little feat,

Roy gaines, steve guyger, louisana red, levon helm, david earl, lou pride, darrell nulisch, ronnie earl, sugar ray norcia, ray charles, cathy ponton king, warren haynes, robert randolph, root boy slim, big joe maher to name a few, I'll think of a few more in a moment. I've also done cds for warner brothers, time-life or time life, severn records, rip bang, blue maracas records.

I like fender guitars and have done a few shoots for fender. They have even given me a few guitars over the years. I like fender telecasters or teles or just a telecaster. I have a great telecaster with joe barden pick ups. I also like stratocasters or strats or stratocaster. I also like fender amps. Some fender guitar amplifiers I like are a deluxe reverb, bassman re-issue, vibrolux and just a plain blackface bassman. I also have a really great amp that cesar diaz made for me. I like gibson guitars too. I have a gibson les paul that is a goldtop with p90s and a les paul jr with one p90. I also have a gibson es 225t that gil southworth of southworth guitars gave me, it has a bigsby tremelo. I also have a paul reed smith or prs custom 22 from 1985. I like weber speakers too. I've just gotten a few silvertone amps that sound great with my telecasters.

I've done a lot of great stock photography in garrett county maryland. Most of these images are of fall leaves or fall foilage around the deep creek lake area. Lots of images of mountains and horses and streams and fog. You could consider it nature photography I guess. I like scenic stock photography and photographs of nice scenics. Landscape photographer or landscape photography is another term that could be applied here. This scenic photography could be considered fine art or fine art photography in some circles. I wish it was because I would like do do more fine art photography and sell fine art prints. These include stock images or stock photos of Deep Creek Lake, accident md, maryland lots of fall foilage or fall color and beautiful scenics of farms, barns, fields, mountains, horses, early morning, fog, mist, churches, country roads. It would be great if everyone did google image searches for these keywords and I could sell these images because they are photos for sale and are film and digital photos and would look very nice on corporate collateral, calendars, post cards, web pages or websites, or anywhere a graphic designer could use stock images.

I've been a photographer in washington dc for over 20 years. I used to visit the white house a lot. I also still go to the us capitol building frequently and have taken many nice washington dc stock images of the capitol, the capitol hill, the capitol dome. Capitol hill photographer is another term I'll through out there. This also include lots of images of washington dc like the washington monument, jefferson memorial, lincoln memorial, supreme court, white house, lots of columns, and arches that get used quite a bit for agencies looking for stock images of washington dc ad the dc metro area for brochure, advertising, web, promotional material for conferences that need a meeting photographer or convention photographer or corporate event photographer. I provide high resolution photos of washington dc.

Let me think of some other subject matter that I can list if someone was to do a search for Randy Santos or randysantos. Lighthouses, cars, people, places, things, guitars, tattoos, girls, business, bars, music, landmarks, city scenes, travel.

Did I mention I am a professional photographer living and working in washington dc. My photography also appears on posters, greeting cards, point of purchase displays, trade show exhibits, hotel lobbies, and more. I've been providing a lot of images to be included in redecorating hotels and these images are hanging in hotel lobbies and hotel hallways and hotel room as art. I like this kind of work and would like more, it's easy money and fun for everyone. These are all professional shots of DC, mostly of landmarks and large pictures but are high resolution and can take it. Most are color photography originally but usually end up as black and white photography and are usually sepia toned. Most are exterior photos of washington d.c. landmarks and monuments and are for sale.

I'll also do corporate photography in Baltimore. I'll really do it just about anywhere. Editorial photography in baltimore, and commercial photography in baltimore. So I could be a baltimore corporate photographer or a baltimore commercial photographer or a baltimore editorial photographer or a baltimore advertising photographer. I'm also a washington dc advertising photographer doing advertising photography in washington dc for ad agencies, graphic design firms and corporations. Also, I do annual report photography baltimore so I am a baltimore annual report photographer. I also will do commercial photography in annapolis maryland if a professional photographer is needed.

I grew up in the washington dc are but really it was rockville maryland. I went to robert e peary high school or peary high school in aspen hill maryland.

I used to like to hand color photographs but now do all that in Photoshop. I use photoshop a lot. Did I mention photoshop is god. I have become a real photoshop expert and have developed my skill in using photoshop with regards to enhancing images and manipulating images. I also scan images or scan photographs and provide high resolution scans or high res scans. I can scan negatives or negs, I can scan prints and provide high quality scans. I usually present my client with nice scans at any resolution. Typically if I am providing files for a magazine or publication I provide them at 300dpi and write the files to cd with my cd burner or on disk.

I'll mail you the cd or use Fedex. I can also e-mail images and do that a lot if there is a tight deadline.

I do also meeting photography for corporate events and corporate meetings. Trade show photography is another. I also will do food photography and product photography. I also do pr photography or public relations photography for pr or public relations firms in and around the washington dc area. So I am also a pr photographer washington dc or pr photographers washington dc or public relations photographer washington dc. I am also photographers washington dc or dc photographer or dc photographers washington dc.

Location photography is another of my specialities. I do photography on location fo many clients. I am a washington dc location photographer or location photographers washington dc on location. A photographer washington dc or photographers washington dc taking washington dc photos


I've done a lot of cd photography and have provided images for many artists including Tom principato, steve guyger, roy gains, little feat, benjie porecki, sugar ray norcia, darrell nulisch, big joe maher, cathy ponton king, rocking highliners, root boy slim, steve wolf, danny gatton, jr cline, glen fortinberry, Lou Pride, lousiana red. Also many photos of warren haynes, frank zappa, robert randolph, ronnie earl, grateful dead, stevie ray vaughan, jimmy vaughan, joe cocker, willie dixon, koko taylor, albert collins, albert king, and much more blues photography.